By harnessing the power of our firm’s human resources and financial capital, and working closely with stakeholders and community leaders in the areas in which we operate, Sunset Capital Assets helps to strengthen communities, provide economic opportunities, and protect the environment. Our global citizenship is a direct reflection of the firm’s core values and enhances our ability to provide superior service to our clients, our employees, and our communities.

Sunrise Humanitarian Foundation was created to serve as the corporate social responsibility programme for Sunset Capital Assets. Sunrise focuses on sustainable economic development including health and human services, education and skills training, and environmental enhancements through the advancement of aquaculture. Sunrise has three divisions:

  • Environment: To promote sustainable economic development through conservation and environmental improvement
  • Human Services: To provide healthcare and basic human services for those in need
  • Education and Skills Training: To educate those seeking to improve their lives with the skills they need to succeed

Forward from Thomas L. Mallard