7/29/16 | Investor Update and Conference Call

Investor Update and Conference Call


Today’s investors face an increasingly uncertain financial marketplace, marked by new and unique challenges. Against this backdrop, Sunset Capital Assets, Inc. (“Sunset”) (OTC: SNST) stands out as an innovative investment and advisory firm, positioned for leadership within the financial services industry. Utilizing a unique combination of corporate values, intellectual capital, and financial strength, Sunset makes private and public equity, fixed income and credit, venture capital, real estate, and alternative investments across multiple sectors, industries and asset classes. The people-intensive, value-added approach instilled at the Firm’s founding remains at the core of Sunset’s competitive advantage. Sunset uses its One Sunset global network, deep industry knowledge, Executive Intelligence Group (EIG), and detailed analytics to create and execute a customized value creation plan for each of our corporate equity, alternative asset, and real estate investments.

In the fourth quarter of 2015 and first quarter of 2016, Sunset took several important steps forward by organically expanding its existing corporate assets, acquiring synergistic businesses, and making key executive appointments:

Several of Sunset’s existing businesses have made strategic investments directed towards long-term growth, and increased revenue production.

Sunset is in the process of finalizing new corporate acquisitions: Openbox Creative Solutions, an innovative business development, investment solutions, branding, and digital marketing agency which partners with Fortune 500 corporations in finance, insurance, healthcare, and technology sectors; and Sunset Capital Art and Antiquities, which manages the sale and acquisition of fine art and antiquities, partnering with industry leaders to identify and capitalize rare and unique assets.

Additionally, Sunset has identified, and is pursuing, several key growth initiatives for 2016-17. Programmes already in progress include: premier auto leasing, sales, and financing opportunities in the Southeastern United States; credit card processing and credit services; and providing alternative and innovative funding strategies and investment opportunities for clients and corporate partners.

Gene Fedele has joined Sunset and taken up the role of President, replacing Jeffrey S. Betros, who now serves as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Fedele brings over thirty years of experience growing businesses through effective marketing, branding, and investment strategies. Fedele has successfully launched several marketing and media businesses including Openbox Creative Solutions, UBM Design Central, and Create Marketing Services, and has consulted for numerous Fortune 100 clients over the course of his career. Additionally, Fedele has significant experience in FOREX trading and precious metals investing.

Bert Watson, Sr. will step down as Chairman of Sunset Capital Assets, effective August 1, 2016. Watson will now focus on pursuing international initiatives for the long-term benefit of Sunset Capital Assets. He will be replaced by Walter Lee Williams, Jr.

Above all, Sunset takes great pride in the opportunity to serve the needs of our shareholders, clients, and stakeholders at large. This commitment is reflected in our culture of integrity, professionalism, and a passion for excellence. On behalf of Sunset Capital, I would like to thank our clients, shareholders, associates, and global stakeholders for their support of our goal of becoming one of the world’s strongest organically-grown alternative assets platforms.


Gene Fedele

President and Investor Relations

 Investor Conference Call

Our Investor Conference Call is scheduled for Thursday, September 1, 2016. Details for this call will be made public closer to the date. Please check www.sunsetcapitalassets.com regularly for updates.

About Sunset Capital Assets

Sunset Capital Assets, Inc. is a boutique, global investment and advisory firm headquartered in Jacksonville, FL and well capitalized with assets valued in excess of $500 million. Founded in 2012; the right combination of values, intellectual capital, and financial resources defines Sunset as a firm positioned for significant growth. Sunset takes a pioneering, consulting-based approach to corporate equity investing, partnering with management teams to build class-leading businesses and improve their operations. Since inception, the firm has extended this approach across asset classes and seeks to build one of the strongest organically grown alternative asset platforms in the world. Further information is available at www.sunsetcapitalassets.com.