3/23/16 | Trading Update from Management

Announcement from Management Regarding Today’s Trading

SUNSET_logo_transpBG690X462This announcement is made to provide public disclosure about Sunset Capital Assets, Inc (OTC: SNST).  Management understands that there has been a significant amount of sales activity associated with the Company’s stock (SNST), which has resulted in an unexpected price drop in the value of the stock. Please be advised that Management is not aware of any attempts by Management or other insiders to sell any SNST stock or otherwise be involved in the trading activity that has occurred today.

Management continues to be confident in the condition of the company to generate value for our shareholders and, although progress has not come as rapidly as some may have hoped, Sunset is committed to ensuring the (i) successful utilization of our significant asset base, and (ii) execution and deployment of our projects. Management is fully committed to the ongoing success of Sunset and is fully engaged in the day to day operations of the Company.