11/19/15 | Investor Update and Conference Call

Inaugural Quarterly Investor Update and Conference Call

SUNSET_logo_transpBG690X462Jacksonville, November 19, 2015: Sunset Capital (OTC: SNST) announces its inaugural quarterly investor update and conference call.

More than seven years since the onset of the global financial crisis, many institutions remain focused on working through its aftermath and managing risk in all its forms – whether related to liquidity, credit, market, or regulation. Lower revenues and more subdued growth forecasts are causing some to question whether the financial industry is undergoing secular change, or more specifically, whether the model of providing advice, financing, lending, asset management, and investment banking will continue to be relevant in the future landscape.

Based on what we hear from our clients and the work we have done on their behalf, put succinctly, we believe the core model remains more viable and important than ever.

The third quarter was a turbulent period for global markets, with sharp declines and heightened volatility in almost every publicly-traded asset class. Volatility in the US stock market, for example, reached its highest level in four years. Against this backdrop of significant public market weakness, Sunset’s stock was relatively unaffected, beginning the quarter at around ~$2.00 and ending the quarter at the same price. Our share price is up ~25% from the same period last year, which we believe reflects increased investor confidence in our core business model, assets, management, and Firm as a whole.

Sunset remains focused on the monetization of our asset base as reflected in our financial statements, however we have continued to make strides in progressing our existing business lines and future projects for investment. The third quarter saw Rick Stanley and Randy Keiper sign on as Managing Directors.  Rick Stanley was one of the original founders of automotive giant J.D. Byrider and will lead Sunset Automotive Group, a business segment of our Corporate Equity division. Randy Keiper has lead multiple community and regional banks in the South East and will develop our commercial lending platform under Sunset Capital Commercial, which forms part of Sunset’s Real Estate Division. Sunset Capital Commercial also made its first real estate sales this quarter, and these will be reflected in our fourth quarter financial statements.

With regards to our monetization efforts, we understand that progress has not come as rapidly as many have expected. However, we can confidently announce that we have made significant progress towards our financing goals, and that our diversified financing strategy is steadily reaching fruition.

As Chief Executive Officer, I would like to express how privileged I feel to work for this great Firm and with such talented people. Our management team and all our employees carry out outstanding work every single day – sometimes under enormous pressure – all while navigating the increasingly complex business and regulatory environment. The way our people and our Firm are able to address the challenges we face, while continuing to build our businesses, fills me with extraordinary pride.

On behalf of Sunset Capital, I would like to thank our clients, shareholders, associates, and global stakeholders for their support of our goal of becoming one of the world’s strongest organically-grown alternative assets platforms.


Alan Speck

Investor Conference Call

Please join our Investor Conference Call scheduled for Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time by using our Online option or by dialing in at +1.408.650.3123. You must use the access code 799-701-141 to enter the call.

About Sunset Capital Assets

Sunset Capital Assets, Inc. is a boutique, global investment and advisory firm headquartered in Jacksonville, FL and well capitalized with assets valued in excess of $500 million. Founded in 2012; the right combination of values, intellectual capital, and financial resources defines Sunset as a firm positioned for significant growth. Sunset takes a pioneering, consulting-based approach to corporate equity investing, partnering with management teams to build class-leading businesses and improve their operations. Since inception, the firm has extended this approach across asset classes and seeks to build one of the strongest organically grown alternative asset platforms in the world. Further information is available at www.sunsetcapitalassets.com.