Our Interview Process

At Sunset, we invest a lot of time, care, and resources into our internship programmes. To us, the programmes represent nothing less than our long-term success. They provide an opportunity for you to learn about us, and vice versa. As we are a rapidly growing Firm, Sunset provides our Summer Analysts and Associates with the unique value of being able to experience  what it’s like to build a global investment and advisory firm from the ground up. As such, we look for candidates that excel in taking individual initiative, possess a diverse skill set, and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Recruiting for Summer Analysts and Associates begins in November and continues into January. If you are interested in joining our Summer Analyst or Summer Associate programmes, you can apply by sending your resume and cover letter to: careers@sunsetcapitalassets.com

Generally, current undergraduate juniors are eligible to apply for Summer Analyst positions and current first year MBA or post-graduate students are eligible to apply for our Summer Associate positions. Exceptions can be made for extraordinary candidates.

After the application deadline, we select top candidates to interview. First round interview selections are made in January or early February and are typically conducted by phone. Final round interviews are held soon after, and are conducted in-office. Candidates are then notified about whether or not they’ve been admitted into an internship programme. The recruitment process typically concludes by the end of February and both ten-week summer internship programmes begin in June.